Was The Full Three For One Hosting Pro
Add-Ons Package Too Much For You?
Ok, maybe you feel that my Pro Add-Ons Package isn’t for you right now.

I personally think you’re missing out on a great opportunity, but I still want you to experience the amazing benefits you’ll get from my special Add-ons. That’s why I’d like to give you the Regular Add-Ons Package -- slightly smaller, but still incredibly powerful to use.
Get Instant Access To Three For One Hosting Add On Pack 
A $147.00 Value -- Get Access Now For Only $67.00!
So Here’s The Deal:
My Regular Add-Ons Package Has Everything The Pro Package Has, Except… The bonuses. That’s it. Nothing else removed. And in case you forgot, here’s a quick recap again of what you’re getting when you upgrade to the Regular Add-Ons Package:
SSL Certificates - No Web Browser Errors
Stop paying $29.95 - $99.95 year-after-year for SSL Certificates... When you purchase our special add-on bundle, we'll give you unlimited SSL Certificates!

Leapfrog your competition in Google. Since 2014 Google has been giving ranking benefits to websites using SSL certificates. Google will continue to give more and more priority to secure sites to "encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web." We've seen customers fall behind and drop down in Google because they could not afford to use SSL Certificates at $99.95/year for each domain. And who could blame them! Now, with unlimited SSL Certificates, how can you afford not to?
Done-For-You cPanel Account Migration
Have a cPanel hosting account elsewhere? Let us take care of bringing it over to Three For One Hosting. You don't need to worry about copying over your account files, e-mail accounts, and databases or making any configuration changes. Our professional migration specialist will handle it all.

This white glove service offer includes packaging up your existing account, moving the data, restoring the account as well as updating the DNS with your domain registrar. Save hours over doing this manually. Wouldn't it be nice if your website experienced no downtime during the account move.
SEO Tools Unlimited
With this option, you can stay on top of your SEO efforts all in one place!  At a moments notice you can tap into options like:
SEO Tools
Submit any keyword and find out where you rank for that keyword in Google & Bing.
Sitemaps Submitter
Displays the sitemaps from the Sitemap tool and adds a button to submit these sitemaps to both Google and Bing easily.
Alexa Rank Tool
Always know exactly what your Alexa rank is. The lower the number, the higher amount of traffic you’ll receive.
This tool parses and displays the rules in your robots.txt file, organized into a table. It also displays any sitemaps from the robots.txt file, followed by the raw text.
Headers Diagnostic Tool
This tool will scane the headers and multiple pages on your site for any errors or problems. This tool will also check redirection, and explains whether a redirection is permanent or temporary.
Speed Test Checker
Learn the score of your website from Pingdom results, along with optimization tips from Google Webmaster Tools.
This tool displays all sitemaps that are discoverable by search engines. If a sitemap is not displayed here, it will likely not be found by search engines. The following information is displayed:

 • The http status
 • The sitemap type/format
 • The number of entries in the sitemap
 • A percentile representing the difficulty  for search engines to find the sitemap
Top Search Queries
This tool collects data from Alexa and finds the top 5 search queries that lead visitors to your website. It also displays the following for each query:

 • Estimated percentage of searches
 • Estimated search volume per month
 • Estimated advertising CPC
 • Estimated market value (CPC×volume)
 • Volume, advertising, and market data is collected from serps.com
Keyword Density Tool
Finds the most common words on the webpage, and displays them alongside the page title and meta description. Each phrase includes:

 • Number of occurrences on that page
 • Whether or not the phrase is in the page title
 • Whether or not the phrase is in the meta description
 • The estimated weight of the phrase
Keyword Research Tool
Displays estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and market value for a keyword. This data is collected from serps.com and displayed right in your dashboard.  No need to jump back and forth between sites.
Link Analyzer
Parses the webpage and displays all links, including the anchor text, whether or not it is internal or external, and whether it is nofollow or dofollow.  Great for fixing or adjusting any links for your linking strategies.
Competition Analyzer
Uses Google to find your competitors for a specific keyword. Displays their ranks, link strength, number of backlinks, number of unique backlinks, and % nofollow backlinks.
Unlimited Page Pro Level Site Builder
If you don’t have any experience building a website or just want a way to build one fast, then you’ll love this option.  You’ll be able to build an UNLIMITED number of pages with this awesome tool.

Here’s what you’ll have at your fingertips with our page site builder:
Ecommerce Ready - Get your store up and running quickly with a number options available to you such as:

 • Dynamic Unlimited Attributes (Allows you to sell different types of goods and services all from one shop)
 • Customizable View (Configure currency, sytle, columns, thumbnails, images, and more!)
 • Customizable Filters (Create any type of data filtering you want for searching your inventory)
 • Wide Range of Payment Options With (Choose from a number merchants to process your sales)
 • 1 Click Purchasing (Make any item on the site available for sale immediately with a payment button.)
Multi Language Compatible - Make your store available to different languages across the planet.  45 languages included.
Responsive Design - So your site always shows correctly on any device.  Desktop or mobile.
Website Importer - Transfer your existing website into our page builder and enhance it even further!
Easy To Use - No technical skill needed.  Just load it up, choose a template, edit it, and you’re good to go!
Priority Backup Protection
Sometimes, you or a developer can make changes to your site and them WHAM! Or you delete or upload the wrong folder, and can’t hit cancel in time.
You could lose your site’s data, your site doesn’t work correctly anymore, or it may have been wiped from the face of the Internet..

With this add-on, you’ll always be protected from any possible future site dilemas. We’ll keep two off-server copies of your website that will allow you to rollback to a previous version in case your site gets damaged, hacked, or if you’ve accidentally removed files or databases you'd like to recover.

Additionally, in the event of a unrecoverable hardware failure, we can quickly restore all accounts on a new server to guarantee minimal service interruption.
Deluxe V.I.P. Front of The Line Support
We’ll also upgrade you to our top of the line support where you get your support queries answered faster and have support specialists dedicated to solving your every need.
The Guarantee Still Stands, Ok?
Listen, I believe that my Add-Ons package will give you powerful benefits that will help you grow your business.

But in the rare case that you don’t agree after 30 days of upgrading to my Regular Add-Ons package, just send us a support ticket and we’ll make sure you get refunded quickly without question.

So there’s absolutely no way you can lose.
Go Ahead and Get Access Now To My
Regular Add-Ons Package!
ThreeForOne Hosting Addon Starter Package
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